About Our Business
KP Services Unlimited LLC is a Veteran Owned Small Business operating in
Texas to provide a variety of goods and services to government and industry.
We were established July of 2011. We serve clients through wholesale
product procurement as well as technical consulting services. Our expertise
lies in a variety of fields - engineering, marketing, sales, training, computer/IT,
medical and health equipment, travel related products/services, and project

Awarded Contracts total
over $150,000.00 in our
first year as`a business

We're small but growing

We provide contracting

Office Supplies

Training Services

Medical/Dental Equipment

Toy and Hobby Supplies

Photographic Equipment
and Services

Information Systems
About Us
Office Supplies       Training Services (No Accreditations or CEUs)

Medical/Dental Equipment                        Toy and Hobby Supplies

Photographic Equipment                              Information Systems
and Services                                                     Equipment